Give wings to your projects with the powerful, high-accuracy and fast data collection capabilities of our drones. Reduce obstructions to on-going activities, get access to remote sites, create compelling visuals for decision making.
Our MI drone is especially geared for quick, high accuracy data to support applications development across a range of sectors.
  • Ready to use
  • Small and multi-rotor drones
  • DGCA-certified drone manufacturing
  • 700 mm size (diagonal)
  • 40+ min endurance
  • 10+ km transmission range
  • 3.5 kg take off weight
  • Customizable payloads:
    1. Multispectral sensors for wide range of applications in precision agriculture
    2. RGB Sensor for surveillance, survey, mapping, city planning, construction
    3. Thermal sensor for site inspection, emergency management

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