Mobile LiDAR

Discover the benefits of a revolutionary new way of mapping, freed from the limitations of a heavy, fixed-position tripod. Do more with our mobile LIDAR offerings comprising 3D LiDAR scanner, vehicle mount LiDAR scanners, and backpack LiDAR scanners

Indoor 3D LiDAR scanner


  • All-in-one, mobile 3D colour scanning and processing system
  • Generate a 3D map without any additional infrastructure
  • Flexibility to capture tight and complex spaces
  • Scans a typical 10,000 sq m (110,000 sq ft) space in about 2.5 hours
  • Real time viewing and control
  • 3D modeling from input to output in real time
  • Ability to pause while scanning, giving the user maximum capture during the capture process
  • Onboard touchscreen for enhanced ease and usability
  • Immediate feedback on the quality of 3D map through Confidence Metrics
  • Integrated post processing for one-click clean-up and colorization of datasets
  • Ideal for: As-built multi room interiors, multi-floor plans, buildings, industrial plants, infrastructure, and more, for both planning and maintenance purposes

Vehicle Mount LIDAR Scanner

Stencil Pro

  • Cloud-ready for enhanced capabilities when capturing large data sets in the field, reducing the time it takes to coordinate from the field to the office
  • High resolution 360° imagery with four 8-megapixel color cameras
  • Simultaneous mapping and localization in GNSS-denied environments, also has an integrated GNSS receiver to achieve best-in-class, low-drift accuracy while mapping over longer ranges Simultaneous mapping and localization in GNSS-denied environments; also includes an integrated GNSS receiver for best-in-class, low-drift accuracy when mapping over longer distances.
  • Greater field of view with a 32-line LiDAR, giving the operator more data points for the same or less time on site
  • Safeguarded against adverse elements such as dirt, dust, fog and rain with an IP65 rating
  • Ideal for: infrastructure mapping, mining, forestry, earthworks, construction, and other harsh environments

Need more flexibility? Stencil Pro works for handheld / backpack scanning too!

In addition to vehicle mounting, Stencil Pro can also be used as a handheld/ pole-mounted / backpack scanner. While it is flexible enough to mount to a variety of transports, it is also small enough to hand carry, while delivering the same impressive output.

Our other backpack LiDAR scanner

Stencil 2

  • Low cost, customizable platform for rapid, long-range mobile mapping, for outdoor and large-scale interior applications
  • Small enough to fit in hand but powerful enough to process and view any of the data it captures
  • Integrated 3D mapping and real-time position estimation, allowing capabilities not possible with terrestrial laser scanning systems
  • Accurately maps exterior and large interior spaces quickly and easily with a range of up to 100 meters

Lumos Vehicle Mount

  • Quick tool-less installation
  • High-quality multi-frequency GNSS Antennas
  • Multiple mounting configurations, suited to most land-based vehicles
  • Post-processing software for vehicle trajectories included
  • Inclusion of a set of articulated vacuum mounts, or the option to alternatively be bolted directly to roof-racks if desired

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