About Us

Marvel Geospatial Solutions was established in 2008 with the goal of providing accurate geospatial solutions through innovation, bringing in new technologies from all over the world. Since its inception, Marvel Geospatial has been working towards advancing geospatial technology for development and helping organizations maximize the value of their data.

Marvel Geospatial aims to serve the needs of national and global markets through focused, innovative, and efficient quality products and services in all areas of geospatial technology and applications. Founded in Hyderabad, India, the company now serves organizations across the world through its local offices in various regions.

We are home to a dedicated and immensely skilled crew of geospatial professionals. Our team is known for its vast experience and technical expertise in various functions, including GIS/CAD, photogrammetry, drone data acquisition and processing, LiDAR (satellite/aerial, UAV, mobile), data processing, and analytics.

As geospatial technology grows to become a transformational force for economies and societies in the digital era, we keep ourselves at the forefront of tech evolution to best serve our stakeholders.

We support critical decision making by governments, business enterprises, academia, and non-governmental organizations with reliable, fast, and high-quality geospatial information through our services, custom solutions, and products.


To improve our world through geospatial solutions and analytical services


To assist organizations around the world in advancing their objectives with reliable, fast, and high-quality geospatial offerings through exemplary services.

Our Business


We provide custom solutions for a range of sectors, including transport infrastructure, urban planning, mining, renewable energy, water resources, mapping and land administration, utilities, forestry, and industrial operations.


We bring cutting-edge imaging, scanning, and satellite imagery-based solutions in India.


We serve stakeholders in India, the Middle East, Europe, and North America through our offices in India, UK, UAE, and the US.
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