Anti Drone Systems

Secure yourself and your assets from hostile drones with anti-drone passive systems to detect / intercept rogue UAVs. Our perimeter security against drones is a fully developed and deployment-ready network centric detection and jammer module system that features DDS based jammer signal generator. The system is easy to integrate with existing security apparatus, and features a dashboard for decision making.
  • Network centric detection and jammer modules
  • Integrates sentry posts for alert processing
  • GPS Jamming
  • Noise jamming
  • Battery operated
  • VSWR & over temperature protection
  • Each node covers upto 2 km with 60 degree sector
  • Ideal for: Security agencies, defence units, fire services, internal security / police, sensitive installations
  • Command & control software:
    1. Live coverage and alerts at C2
    2. Automatic / manual engagement
    3. Dashboard for health status of all nodes
  • Sentry post
    1. Receives alerts from drone detection unit
    2. Initiates jamming against GNSS drones
    3. PoE powered
  • Comes with:
    1. Power amplifier
    2. 2.4 Hz Antenna
    3. Power supply unit
    4. 5.8 GHz and GPS antenna

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